*"Women/Female" is a complicated term and can mean many things. "Women/Female" doesn't automatically include all aspects of the gender spectrum and that is welcome within our organization. We acknowledge that we do not live in a post-gender world, and maintain the value in creating safe spaces of expression and growth for women, females, trans, and gender-nonconforming individuals. 

wanna perform at wwrr?

**Submissions closed at Midnight February 9, 2024 Thanks to all that submitted**

Women Who Rock the Rockies aspires to encompass a broad range of women in music, whether it’s your first show or you are an experienced seasoned artist.  We wish to give those less experienced the opportunity to meet, work with, share the stage with and collaborate with artists at all levels.

What are we looking for in an artist performing at WWRR Annual Summer Music Event?   

  • We are looking for women singer/songwriters, women powered bands, and women fronted or powered musical acts.   
  • We are looking for artists that will self promote the event and their performance at the event on social media and their own outlets
  • We are looking for artists that will bring a crowd and engage with the crowd from other artists that are performing.
  • We are looking for artists that are collaborative and want to connect with not just a larger audience but form connections with the other artists.
  • We are looking for artists that will fell aligned with our mission of empowering other female artists in the music world!

If this resonates with you - submit an application!   Alongside the annual WWRR Summer Music Event, we will be working on more WWRR sponsored events.   

artist application