We are proud to have the support of KBCO for our 2024 Women Who Rock the Rockies Music Event!

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Unleashing the power of women in Music

Two passionate visionaries, Wendy Alfredsen and Raina Ayres, have always nurtured a dream of creating a music festival that celebrates and empowers women in music. Their collective vision became a reality in 2022 when they launched Women Who Rock the Rockies (WWRR), an event that quickly sold out and captured the hearts of music lovers across the area.

The Inaugural Event:

In 2022, WWRR made its grand entrance to the Colorado music scene, immediately garnering overwhelming support and enthusiasm. The inaugural event was a resounding success, selling out tickets in record time. It served as a remarkable platform for talented local and national female artists to unleash their magic, providing them with well-deserved recognition and appreciation.

Unleashing Female Power:

WWRR serves as a powerful catalyst, aiming to showcase the incredible talent and contributions of women in the music industry. With a focus on female artists, WWRR provides an extraordinary platform for these talented musicians to shine, captivating audiences with their unique voices, mesmerizing performances, and inspiring stories.

The Journey Continues:

Following the immense success of the inaugural event, WWRR has continued to host multiple sold-out concerts.  The founders aspire to translate this success into an all-day outdoor music festival, allowing women in music to claim an even bigger stage and reach a wider audience.

Empowering the Local Scene:

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant local music community, WWRR is committed to keeping things local. By focusing on showcasing up-and-coming artists, especially from Colorado, the festival aims to foster a sense of community and cultivate the immense potential within the local music scene.

Transforming the Music Landscape:

With its early triumphs and an engaged, dedicated community, WWRR is well on its way to becoming the premier event for women in music in Colorado. By elevating women's voices, encouraging diversity, and fostering inclusivity, this trailblazing festival is actively transforming the music landscape, ensuring that women's contributions are celebrated and recognized.

Join the Movement:

If you believe in celebrating women's undeniable talent and the power of music, join us as we continue to break boundaries, uplift incredible female artists, and create a space where their voices can be heard. Together, let's build a future where women in music are honored, respected, and given the platform they deserve.

WWRR: Unleashing the Power of Women in Music.